Sunrise at Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England

Proper Prior Planning...

I recently headed out to Durdle Door.  It's that magical time of year where you can capture the sun rising through 'the door'.  There is a short period of a few weeks either side of the Winter Solstice where this opportunity presents itself so it can be very busy down on the beach there at this time of the year.

On this occasion, it was a rare Monday morning where I didn't need to be at my day job so I took full advantage.  With it being Monday the beach was deserted but I was later joined by two other photographers.


I picked my spot on the beach perfectly.  It was so perfect that the photographers who joined me and positioned themselves much further away were now nearly sitting on my shoulders as the sun was about to appear through the famous arch.  I can assure you my choice of position was more luck than judgement but that's where my luck ran out.

Milliseconds before the moment we had all been waiting for I heard an Earth-shattering 'click'.  It was indeed the battery on my camera letting me know I was out of juice!  I darted over to my bag a few metres behind me to retrieve the spare battery before the sun was gone.  I scrambled around in my bag and then it hit me, it was back on my office desk still in the charger!

Not all was lost

I was happy with some of the other shots I had taken that morning (like the one above) so I wasn't overly disappointed.  But if I'd been more prepared, I wouldn't have missed my shot.

There's no secret to making sure you always have everything you need other than coming up with a routine.  I can't tell you what that routine is because what works for me may not work for you.  I usually check my bag the night before but this time I got complacent.

Here's a couple of extras from that same morning. 

Ironically, if I had known my spare battery wasn't in my bag when I saw that I was running low on the one I had in my camera, I wouldn't have captured these.

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