Making the Most of it

Lately I've been obsessed with checking the weather forecast, keeping an eye out for warm days followed by cold nights with clear skies.  Those are the conditions that will present mist which is exactly what I've been hoping for at Corfe Castle.

Ok so the shot of the castle engulfed in mist is a bit of a cliche but I don't let that bother me, it's my photography and I'll shoot whatever I feel passionate about.  I've been there 3 times over the lat week!  I don't return there many times because it's a comfortable location for me that I know well.  I keep returning because I'm determined to get 'that shot', and I'll keep going back until it's in the bag.  Incidentally, the photo for this article was shot last Friday, the video and the photo in it was shot on Monday!

So the alarm bell rings at 4am.  I've gotten pretty good at just getting up, grabbing my bag and getting out of the door so that I cause minimal disturbance to Tara and I can let her sleep.  The road leading up to Corfe was extremely misty but I've learnt (on my numerous journeys there) that this doesn't mean anything.  Sure enough, I arrived at Corfe with full visibility of the castle.

Walking up West Hill I could see a lot of mist to the North and South but the winds just weren't blowing in the right direction for me.  It was still fantastic being outside in the open air first thing in the morning when all I can hear is the cockerel crowing on a nearby farm as dawn breaks.  I made sure I made the most of it....