Free Lightroom Presets

Lightroom (LR) presets are a great way to save time when editing your photos.  I often find myself applying the same actions during my editing workflow so have created my own series of presets to recreate these actions at the press of a button.  I occasionally need to tweak one of the settings but most of the time they're pretty accurate for the subtle enhanced approach I like to apply to my style.

Just recently I have been asked a number of times how I edit my photos and had people comment on my social media feeds how 'authentic' my style of photography is.  So I have decided to make my presets available to download via the link below for free.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download my presets and save the .zip file to your desktop
  2. Extract the presets from the .zip folder and save them to your desktop
  3. Open LR
  4. Press 'D' on your keyboard to navigate to the 'Develop' module
  5. Right click inside the 'Presets' panel and select 'Import'
  6. Navigate to the desktop location where the extracted LR presets are saved
  7. Select the first preset in the list, then select the last preset in the list while holding shift.  This should select all the presets
  8. Click OK.  All my LR presets are now installed and will be available in all your LR catalogues

Download -