Patience Is a Virtue

With the forecast predicting early morning fog and moderate cloud cover, conditions looked promising for a sunrise shoot.  I decided I'd head over to Wareham Quay so I knew I'd need my Sigma 70-200 lens in order to get the shot I wanted (which is the one you can see above).  

I'm no stranger to early mornings with sunrise in the summer months dictating my arrival on location at around 4am.  The 5am alarm clock to make it to Wareham and set up I'm time for a 6.40 sunrise felt like a lie in and I still arrived too early!

I patiently waited for around 45 minutes for the sun to come up.  Ample time to make sure my settings were right and ensuring the image was sharp from front to back.  The hyperfocal distance for this image was on the far corner of the small jetty to the left.  I used a 2 stop soft graduated Lee Filter to balance the exposure of the sky against the foreground and took my exposure readings in camera using matrix metering in my Nikon D810.  I always shoot landscapes from a tripod allowing me to use the lowest possible ISO and maintain as much detail as possible without noise.  My focal length was 175mm so I knew I'd need a very narrow aperture for good depth of field.  My resultant settings for the above shot were:

  • ISO: 64
  • Aperture: f/16
  • shutter speed: 10 secs

With everything ready to go, I still had about half an hour to wait.  The forecasted fog didn't let me down but the cloud was sitting very low preventing the sun from coming through initially.  It was beginning to look like a lost cause and I considered packing up and heading home.  But my patience was rewarded when the sun eventually appeared over the cloud, covering the scene in a gorgeous Autumnal glow.  This kind of light is the reason why October is my favourite month for landscape photography.

Prints of the above photo are available now.  If you'd like to accompany me on a workshop, I'd love to hear from you.